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Extensive tailor made programs to suit your specific needs that target mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression.


Each program includes dealing with the hierarchical emotions: Anger, Sadness, Depression, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Limiting Beliefs and Anxiety using modalities such as Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Each program focuses on overcoming past trauma, breaking through bad habits, non optimal behaviours and limiting belief systems.


To learn more about each Level Up Program and which one is best for you book in for your free consultation.

single therapy session
Therapy Session

A single therapy session targets your key concerns and worries. The session is client focused where your greatest worries are discussed as well as what you want to achieve from your session.

The single therapy session can help with targeting your immediate concerns as well as longstanding / past concerns that you're ready to deal with and face.

Book your single therapy session to start the unpacking process and become a better version of yourself after each session.

Couples Guidance
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Are you feeling disconnected from your significant other? Is communication becoming a challenge? Do you have an understanding of one another's needs, wants and love languages?


This service is specific for couples who are seeking to reconnect again and enhance and reignite their relationship.


Contact me to learn more about how the couples guidance sessions can help you and your significant other.